Good Corporate Governance Policy

The Company recognizes the importance of corporate governance as it is important to help promote the Company’s efficiency and sustainable growth, leading to the maximum benefit to all stakeholders, employees, investors, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Therefore, the Board of Directors has agreed that there should be a better corporate governance policy. It covers key principles from the structure, roles, duties and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the management principles of the executives that are transparent, comprehensible, and verifiable as a guideline for organization management. It ensures that any operation of the Company is just and considers the best interests of shareholders and all stakeholders.

In order to build credibility for all shareholders and stakeholders; achieve the benefit of sustainable value for the business; and meet the expectations of the business sector, investors, as well as the capital market and society as a whole; the Board of Directors agreed to establish a better corporate governance policy, in order to create business value sustainably. There are eight principles of corporate governance