Simple ideas to save the planet with Moshi Moshi

27 May 2022

1. Canvas Tote Bag

Say no to plastic bags. Moshi Moshi invites everyone to use a canvas bag instead of a plastic bag. It is very easy to start, just always bring your favorite tote bag along and decline taking a plastic bag when possible. Moshi Moshi offers cute, large, and high-quality tote bags. Let’s save the planet together.

2. Reusable Cup

It may sound trivial, but it really matters because you may unintentionally waste materials from every drink you order in a disposable cup including the plastic cup, lid, straw, cover, straw cover, and plastic bag just to use them for 10–15 minutes. Thus, Moshi Moshi invites everyone to help reduce waste by bringing a reusable cup every time you order a drink. We offers a selection of reusable cups for your everyday life.

3. Foam Boxes and Plastic Bags

As we know, foam boxes are toxic and dangerous for our health. They also take a very long time to decompose. Moshi Moshi offers colorful reusable lunch boxes made from food-grade plastic material with an airtight lock mechanic to remain discreet with the food smell, preserve the freshness, and more convenient with a spoon and fork of the same set for you to bring your lunch or buy takeaway food. Enjoy your food and save your planet.